Frangipani Flower Menorah

Frangipani Flower Menorah
Item# MSM

Product Description

Two Tone Hammered Stainless Steel Menorah with Nickel Sprinkled with Gold Brass Frangipani Design-14"L x 4"W x 10.5"H The Tervy Frangipani Collection derives its theme from the symbolic nature of this fragrant flora. Personifying tranquility, security, and ultimate perfection, the humble nature of this scented flower reverberates through the finesse of the hammered stainless steel and intricately gilded two tone brass. Handcrafted by professional artisans who are trained at breathing joie de vivre into every creation, this collection is yet another pride to our prizewinning stainless steel Tervy series.


Product Details

The Tervy Pomegranate Collection derives its theme from the potent nature of this attractive fruit, personifying life hope and eternal success. Every piece in this collection is rendered in hammered stainless steel, as the black or gold bronze is strikingly designed to portray the pomegranate's wealth of seeds. What a perfect platform for upscale entertainment!

Measures: 14"L x 4"W x 10.5"H

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