The Marx Brothers TV Collection

The Marx Brothers TV Collection
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Product Description

The Marx Brothers became entertainment icons through a long and brilliant career on vaudeville and Broadway stages, and they sealed their immortality in a string of celebrated feature films. But the end of their film career was perfectly timed for a collision with the birth of television. The new medium provided Groucho, Chico and Harpo with unprecedented exposure: which meant, of course, an opportunity to bring laughter to millions of people all at once. It was as if live vaudeville was being beamed to the entire nation. For the next 20 years, the Marx Brothersí appearances on television (individually and together) included sitcoms, game shows, variety programs and even the occasional drama.

This first of its kind set (featuring long-lost material from the Marx Brothersí own collections) presents a broad and genuinely rare array of television work from the comedy legends, who still had plenty of laughs left in them after the movies. For Marx Brothers fans, and fans of comedy in general, this is truly must see TV.

Over 50 Television Appearances.