Scream the Truth at the World

Scream the Truth at the World
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An accompanying catalog to the Museum’s special exhibition, Scream the Truth at the World – Emanuel Ringelblum and the Hidden Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, produced in connection with the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw. Photographs of artifacts, and a timeline, chronology, and essays by Dr. Eleonora Bergman and Dr. Ruta Sakowska of the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw, are included in the catalog.

In Europe in the fall of 1939, Warsaw historian Emanuel Ringelblum gathered a few dozen writers, historians, rabbis, teachers, and welfare workers to form a group code-named Oyneg Shabbes. Their mission was to document life in Nazi-occupied Poland. Reports on the deportation and murders of Jews, ghetto artifacts, photographs, children's school essays, and ghetto art were collected by the secret group from September 1939 until January 1943. As the Nazis began liquidating the ghetto, Ringelblum had the archive buried in several containers. On September 18, 1946, the first cache was pulled from the ghetto's rubble; a second cache was found in 1950; the last cache has never been discovered. Less than a handful of the group's members survived. The Ringelblum archive, as the materials came to be known, is the most important source for, and the most poignant testimony to, the destruction of Warsaw Jewry.

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