Yom Kippur Readings

Yom Kippur Readings
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Drawn from a variety of sources--ancient, medieval, modern, Jewish and non-Jewish--this selection of readings, prayers and insights explores the opportunities for inspiration and reflection inherent in the subjects addressed on the Jewish New Year: sin, repentance, personal and social change, societal justice, forgiveness, spiritual growth, living with joy and hope, commitment to high ideals, becoming our truest and most authentic selves, deepening our capacity to love and savoring the divine gift of life.

Yom Kippur Readings' topics include:

Kol Nidre * Sin * Forgiveness * God, Love and Learning * Roots and Themes from the Torah * Repentance, Prayer and Acts of Righteousness * Faith and Beliefs * Yizkor * Yom Kippur Customs * And much more.